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Samaj Vikas Sanstha,
Akondi Road Near by N.P. Water Tank, Omerga Tq: Omerga, Dist: Osmanabad 4136068 Phone: +91 9421500232

Introduction :

ngo-jobs-in-pune-samaj vikas sanstha

On 28 November 2014, Samaj Vikas Sanstha (SVS) completed 19 years of its existence. In these past 19 years, it has been through many phases of growth and development in response to contemporary challenges and issues. Samaj Vikas Sanstha (SVS), pursues the ideals of sustainable development for the benefit of local communities in Omerga, Lohara, Kallam, Tuljapur talukas in Osmanabad district and Nilanga taluka in Latur district of Maharashtra. Samaj Vikas Sanstha, is actively involved in the development of Lamanis, tribals and other backward sections in and around Omerga. Each phase has involved a simultaneous process of reaffirming the founding vision of SVS “Creating Livelihood opportunities, striving for equal rights and participation of women, children, landless dalits, tribals and weaker sections of the society in the development processes”.

Through its strategic planning and interventions SVS has evolved to be mature organization which works towards sustained impact in the area livelihood, gender issues and women empowerment.

SVS has witness many challenges and has learnt in the process to circumvent all these with relentless efforts of her team. SVS’s interventions have been seen length and breadth of these issues. We have reached out to more than 110 villages of 4 talukas in two districts (Osmanabad and Latur).

During the FY 2014-15 the developmental interventions/programmes SVS executed scores of interventions relate to issues it is working on namely formation and strengthening of SHG’s, Income generation trainings, promotion of women’s leadership, propagation of Panchayatiraj, Educational development programmes like balwadis, support classes, strengthening of village education committees, advocacy and lobbying- highlighting the plight of government hostels for advocacy, tribal and backward students, Vatsalya Centre for orphan and one parent children, and the initiatives on “liberating women from violence”.

Starting with a report on this new outreach programme of the organization (Liberating women from violence), this annual report provides a glimpse on the activities/programmes/interventions by the organization during the year and some of its outputs/impacts.

1. “Vatsalya” – a centre for orphan and one parent children:

Initiated in 2006, Vatsalya houses 31 children; 20 girls and 11 boys. Vatslaya houses orphans, children of single parents, or children whose parents work in extremely vulnerable conditions and are unable to look after their children. Vatsalya is well equipped three storied building, with 30 beds, 4 computers, a multipurpose hall, LCD project, water filter and the solar based water heater. Vatsalya believes in the democratic functioning. In order to
inculcate these values amongst the children we have formed various committees of children living in Vatslaya. The committees such as Cleanliness/ hygiene, health, defense, education, home ministry, cultural committees etc are formed so as to give a learning experience on managing of Vatsalya.

Vatsalya also takes care of the hobbies and interests of its inmates. We have provisioned a library to which the children have friendly access. 4 children are pursuing music and instrument learning classes and 20 children are taking computer and typing classes. 3 boys and 9 girls can drive bicycle very well. We also provide coaching on Kusti ( Wrestling ) and Karate. Two children have earned two gold medals in Kusti (wrestling) at block level (Winners felicitated by dignitaries). 7 Students also have completed MS-CIT classes this year. Sunita Belambe, Surekha Rathod, Vijaya Ladda, Pngo-jobs-in-pune-samaj-vikas-sanstariya Kharatmol, Radha Kharatmol, Prashant Dhavale and Tushar Kanade have completed MSCIT this year.
Supportive agency:
Steching geron is providing fund to take care of vatsalya children.
We are contributing some amount of money and the needed things for the children.
The agency name as ‘Goonj’ is struggling to provide many needed articles to vatsalya children.

2. Campaign against violence against women:

msw job in pune- samaj- vikas-sanstha-puneThis is the five consecutive year of our struggle to bring about equality, reduce the gender based discrimination, and eliminate gender based violence. The multi pronged approach to this vision is through preventive and case based intervention by providing legal aid, support, prevention and eradication of all types of violence against women. We have reached out in 100 villages from four blocks of two district. We have appointed 400 Gram Savitries (Women animators) in these 100 villages under intervention. Gram Savitries play vital role of providing support to victims of violence from their respective villages. The gram savitries engage Tanta Mukt Samiti (Conflict resolution committees) at village level, block level committees and police stations to assist the victims in securing protection against violence and secure justice. Petty quarrels and conflicts at village level are being handled by the samiti members in the village itself. 1004 women in distress have approached the Gram Savitris for help. 250 Gram Savitri’s has got primary membership in the village Tanta Mukta Samiti in 100 villages. 72 cases at the village level were resolved by the Gram Savitiri. Efforts were made to solve 208 Cases from 4 different districts by the samiti members.

Domestic violence cases handled by SVS


Taluka Umerga Kalamb Lohara Nilanga Conducting Nari Adalat 13 6 11 6 Cases solved 14 5 5 3 Divorce 1 0 0 1 Refered to Court 0 2 7 0 In process 7 5 2 1

3. Liberating women from violence – (a New initiative)

This Programme Liberating Women from violence, – which became operational during the reporting period is a multi dimensional approach to provide aid, support, prevention and eradication of all types of violence against women. It also envisages accountability of perpetrators who indulge in violence against women. The project is being implemented in three talukas of Osmanabad district, viz. Omerga, Lohara, and Kallam, and Nilanga taluka of Latur district, (Maharashtra State, INDIA).

In this first year of the project, we have made some important breakthroughs, viz. research and collection of data on different types and instances of Violence Against Women (VAW), Printing hand bills and copies of various Acts/laws etc. Training programmes, providing legal aid to needy women, conducting street plays and Nari Adalats etc. this year from 5 talukas in 110 villages through 55 Nari Adalat we focus on preventing the women from various violence, create awareness about various right which they are unaware, solve family problem and renew family which is broken through various type of counseling.

4. Jansunwai (public hearing) program

social-work-government-jobs-samaj-vikas-sanstha-mumbaiJansunwai (public hearing) program to discuss and highlight VAW and its fall out on society (one in each year)
This year the 2nd planned Jansunwai was held in a unique way. It was organized in the collector’s office. About 300 women from Usmanabad district
Public hearing was held in Umerga in the organsiation’s premises. 1st hearing was organsied in March 2013, and the second hearing was held on 8th March, 2014. Sub-divisional officer of Umerga block, CEO of nagar Parishad, Umerga; Tahasildaar of Umerga and Lohara; and police officers from Umerga police station were present during the Public hearing.

Youths, adolescent girls, women Gram Savitris participated in this Jan Sunwai; resolutions were also passed during the program to strengthen efforts of the Samiti members.

The resolutions were as follows:

  • 50% reservation for women in village Tanta Mukta Samiti.
  • Formation of Stree Atyachar Virodhi Samiti in every village; participation rights to all women irrespective of her caste and religion.
  • Formation of independent team in every police station for sensitive resolution of cases of violence against women.
  • Membership in Mahila Dakshta Samiti should be given only to women.
  • Police Mitra identity cards should be issued to all the women in the villages.

5. Hostels for children from backward caste:

forest-bharti-2018-maharashtra-samaj-vikas-sansthaVision: to foster collaborative action to avail the entitlements under the GR issues on 26th July 2011 for the government or aided hostels for children from backward caste. We have been working with 1586 students from 24 hostels from four distructs viz- Beed, Osmanbadad, Nanded, and Latur. SVS has been instrumental in bringing about an amendment in 1984 GR on the facilities being provided. We formed various committees of the children living in the hostels and conducted various activities such as Play for Peace, organized competitions for the children. Awareness was created amongst the inmates on the facilities they entitled to get under the revised GR. Based on this the students could get access to books in the library, water filter, solar system for warming of water, a computer per ten students, dearness allowance, cleanliness allowance, LCD T.V. We also created awareness amongst the parents about the facility to meet their children while they are in the hostel. We also sought information on the difficulties faced in the hostel under Right to Information act.

The significant outcome of this effort was a GR that was issued on 26th November 2011. All children and the staff members are now area about it.

Outcome: facilities according to GR are given to the children. Meals according to needs are given per child. Also student got their scholarship on time in their own account. Needed articles like computer, light, GYM articles and play materials adequately provided to each student.

6. Organization of women and Formation of self Help groups ( SHGs)

To realize the goals of economic and political empowerment of women through SHGs, we have formed 1150 SHGs in four blocks of two districts. Out of these 620 groups have availed a loan of upto 7.5 lakh from the banks. With the help of this 266 groups have started their own ventures. 6 groups have initiated 6 PDS (Public Distribution Scheme) and Kerosene distribution shops. Some of the enterprises include spice grinding mills, flour mill, Bakery and confectionaries, salons, mobile repairing, sari waving etc. We have better representation of women from Gram panchayat to District Level. We also initiated the campaign to name the house under joint ownership of Husband and wife. Before that it was only on husband’s names. Many of our women are quite confident and also live life with dignity.

7. Pre Primary Education(Balwadi):

Amarmaitri-Samajik-Seva-Sanstha-sanaj-vikas-sansthaWe promote pre primary education amongst the laman – a nomadic community. 5 such balwadies have been started in Omeraga block. The President/members of VEC unfurled the tricolor and children conducted songs and
dance programmes. Sweets were also distributed to the children.
The curriculum is planned on the monthly basis. Children are taught alphabetic, numbers, names of fruits, flowers trees.
The learning is made joyful through storytelling, action songs and use of teaching aids etc. For the motor development children are encouraged to make articles of clay. BHARTI-SAMAJIK-SEVA SANSTHA-samaj-vikas-sansthaVarious extra curriculum activities are organized to develop the hidden talents of children.
The principle of ‘Leaning by Doing’ holds a lot of importance at this stage. The children are given opportunity to collect the items such as leaves, flowers from their immediate surrounding thereby ensuring the application of knowledge the children lean in the balwadies.
At present children are able to identify names of fruits, plants, animals, numbers, alphabetic, phonetics. Children are able to do pronunciation small words in English. Children can write number from 1 to 50, and sing many nursery rhymes such as Rain on the green grass, Sonu Monu, Row -row -row the boat, two little hands. ‘Children are running to school instead of walking to school’! as a result attendance of children is also very regular.

8. Support classes and Abhiruchi classes:-

To create interest of student in the process of education support classes has been provided to the student who are weak in the studies. The parents from the backward classes are not enough understanding about importance of education. So they fail to give proper guidance of education to their children. Support classes are arranged by trained teacher to teach student where they are lacking. With the preprimary education abhiruchi classes arranged for the children to create
interest in the studies with the help of co curricular activities. Various songs, dance, games and role play had taught to the children made them to re-demonstrate it. So children will gain adequate confidence and it also will help in team spirit and improve leadership quality.

9. Help for hailstorm people:

In Osmanbad district duDisha-Samajik-Seva-Sanstha-samaj-vikas-sansthae to hailstorm people suffered as the houses of the people is broken, many people suffered losses in farm, domestic animals and cattle’s died to due severe hailstorm. Farmer who is totally depending on farm was not able to earn their daily wages. Due to losses in the farm they were not able to pay the loan this had taken from bank for the sowing. Many farmer committed suicide due to unable to pay bank loan. To help this farmer samaj vikas sanstha had distributed with seeds and wheat to the 650 farmer. Many types of seeds had distributed, so the re-sowing can be done again in the farm. The goats also had given to the widows who are capable of to take care of them. So from that they can make profit. The 150 children of the people who lost houses in hailstorm had been distributed with school articles which are needed in school.

10. Cropping for farmers:-

UTKARSH-SAMAJIK-SEVA-SANSTHA-NGO-in-MUMBAI-samaj-vikas-sansthaAs a support cropping facility is provided to the farmer who has great loss in the hailstorm. Free of cost cropping gave a support to the farmers
which help them to spent less on farm. Total 330 farmers benefited from this scheme.

11. Distribution of grains: –

SAMAJIK SEVA SANSTHA is located in MaharashtraThe total 550 people had been distributed with the grains who got a loss from hailstorm. The people from Omerga, kallamb, Lohara, and Nilanga taluka from Osmanabad and Latur district got benefited.


12. Meals for people in drought:-

In this year throughout Maharashtra people suffered from drought. Many people had been migrated to other place due to insufficient water in farm. The most drought suffered place is selected for distribution of meal.
Isrup taluka from Washi district which is most affected village by drought is selected for this programme. From 29th March to 30th June in this period free of cost dinner had been provided to whole village. People had utilized their money whatever is saved through is programme in cropping of their own farm.

13. Construction of hostel for children suffering from HIV:-

We are planning to construct hostel for children suffering from HIV in turori in Omerga taluka. Construction has already started which is still in complete so we need help for construction of this building.

14. Conclusion

SVS is grateful to many individuals and organizations for their unflinching support. We could not have achieved whatever we have achieved without their support. My sincere gratitude to all our Supporters, Donors, Well wishers, Govt. Officials and their Administrative Machinery and all the people with whom it is in partnership for the social economic and educational development of the rural community. I also appreciate commitment And hard work of our team members. SVS has dream, a dream of creating just society where all the individuals are able to live a life with dignity – a life of quality. We thank all those who are with us in this journey

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