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Samaj Vikas Sanstha NGO India is working for women rights and training for poor ... We are a professional feminist organization working across religious and social divides to ... Read more about this work in the Women on Wheels section. ... have brought Women on Wheels into Indore, taluka Omerga Osmanabad working across religious and social divides to enable resource-poor to women empower themselves.

Samaj Vikas Sanstha - Omerga Taluka
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Students in Initiate Preschool Balewadi

Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life. But worldwide, more than 2 Thousand children are unable to attend school.

The curriculum is planned on the monthly basis. Children are taught alphabetic, numbers, names of fruits, flowers trees. The learning is made joyful through storytelling, action songs and use of teaching aids etc. For the motor development children are encouraged to make articles of clay. Various extra curriculum activities are organized to develop the hidden talents of children. The principle of ‘Leaning by Doing’ holds a lot of importance at this stage. The children are given opportunity to collect the items such as leaves, flowers from their immediate surrounding thereby ensuring the application of knowledge the children lean in the balwadies.

Female empowerment organizations in Maharashtra

Liberating women from violence (Mahila Atyachar Virodhi Maha Abhiyan)
Liberating Women from violence became operational in 2000 is a multi dimensional approach to provide aid, support, prevention and eradication of all types of violence against women. It also envisages accountability of perpetrators who indulge in violence against women. The project is being implemented in three Talukas of Osmanabad district viz. Omerga, Lohara and Kallam and Nilanga Taluka of Latur district of Maharashtra. The women’s self help groups (Micro-credit Groups) are actively and openly supporting the initiatives of the organization. A lot of people are visiting the office of our organization seeking guidance/assistance or support.


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organisation of poor, self-employed women workers. Sanaj viksa sanstha Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Omerga Osmanabad, Maharashtra, is a not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

samaj vikas sanstha Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka is a not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Omerga Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India, working towards ‘ Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship development to improve their economic condition ‘
Under this programme we are forming SHGs. Women SHG members showing their various types of Income Generation Activities like goat rearing, provision store and buffalo rearing etc. Existing SHG’s are being strengthen and new ones are being added. Regular monthly meetings, Members and leaders training etc helped in attendance, regular saving, repayment, record keeping, accounting and transparent democratic approach helped in strengthening and sustaining the SHGs.

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"Vatsalya Sudents” (An abode for “Children of a lesser God”)

This project is directed to provide housing, education and socio-economic development of children of HIV/AIDS parents, mostly orphans from the nearby hamlets and red-light areas of Omerga City, Osmanabad district, Maharashtra State. Proper care, mingled with love and affection, systematic learning geared to a rigorous time-table focused on the integral growth of the children is the preferred mode at Vatsalya where a total of 30 orphan/single parent children are being brought up to take up the responsibilities of their personal, vocational and future life. It comprises separate dormitories for girls and boys with proper arrangement for washing, and toilets etc. Besides this there is provision for living place for a warden. There is a Mini Computer Lab for children.

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Students in Initiate Preschool ( Balwadies). Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life

A new project initiated in 2002. SVS opened Balwadis at 4 various Bastis and Tandas in Omerga Taluka The 4 Balwadis in the slum pockets of Omerga continued to provide elementary education for the poor dalit and lamani children. The teaching pattern and curriculum continued to be the same as had been followed in previous years. This year, a total of 63 children (40 girls and 23 boys) have gained from the 4 balwadis which continued to be run at Hanuman Nagar, Kale Plot, Juni Peth (the slum pockets at Omerga) and at Mahar lamani Tanda.

A defining feature of the Balwadis has been the introduction of young minds to the English language. All the teachers along with Project Coordinator and Director have being trained through seminars conducted by TDSS at Ishwari Center, Phulgaon.

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Leadership and PRI Trainings for women empowerment, women empowerment project

Leadership and PRI Trainings

Under this project we are organizing PRI and Leadership Trainings for women in 4 Talukas. Trainings were given to batches of 35 – 40 women on subjects ranging from – Laws Pertaining to Panchayats, Provisions for women in Panchayats. 73rd amendment, Powers and responsibilities of Panchayats, 3 Tier Panchayatiraj System, Schemes for backward castes, Schemes for women’s development, provisions for educational development of children etc.

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We are in top list of ngos in india. We are only famous list of famous ngos in india Maharashtra. Samaj vikas sanstha is ngo working for education. We are also in list of international ngos in india. We als work with ngo in mumbai for child education. we work many time as a ngo in mumbai volunteer

Basic objective behind this is establishing an effective training and support mechanism for women and men in rural areas to allow them to develop technological capacity within their villages. This is to be interactive and developed around issues of concern within the locality.


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We formed around 1850 SHGs in 2 districts of Maharashtra. Around 3200 members are being empowered and becoming self dependent. Total grant received for these SHGs is around 4 Crores. Total Credit received by these SHGs is around 5.25 Crores. Around 1500 members developed their small and medium enterprises. One of these SHGs (Agjappa Mahila Bachat Ghat) was awarded as best SHG of NABARD of the year 2005 by Hon. P. Chidambaram (former Finance Minister GOI). 

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